6 Things To Do So Your Removable Dentures Last

When you need a lot of teeth replaced, the dentists at Northwest Dental Group have what you need. Removable dentures (either full dentures or partial dentures) are affordable but effective ways to replace a full arch of teeth. With our dentures, you’ll get a beautiful but functional smile once again.

Normally, removable dentures can last around 10 years. To help you get the most from your dentures, here are six things you can do.

1. Give your gums a rest each night.

Your natural teeth have roots that go into your jawbone. When you chew, the pressure travels down those roots and into your bone tissue. It’s not like your gums are completely unaffected by chewing, but they do not get much pressure from it.

Both full dentures and partial dentures rest directly on your gums without any roots or implants. When you chew, that pressure goes straight to your gums. Plus, your dentures use suction to hold onto your gums. Both of these force your gums to endure more than they were designed for.

That’s why you need to take your dentures out each night before bed. (That’s why they’re removable, after all.) This gives your gums time to relax and heal. By taking your removable dentures out regularly, you help make sure your gums are healthy and your dentures fit comfortably for a long time.

2. Keep your dentures submerged in water when not in your mouth.

Your moth is a damp place. It’s full of saliva, and you regularly drink. Anything designed to replace your teeth has to be built to withstand all of that moisture. That’s exactly what dentures are built to do.

However, that does mean dentures should not dry out. If they do, there’s a chance the base that fits snugly over your gums can warp slightly. Even small changes like that can lead to getting sore spots on your gums or having your removable dentures not fit well.

When you take dentures out, keep them submerged in water. You don’t have to worry about a few minutes outside of water, but don’t let your dentures sit out in the open air overnight.

3. Keep your dentures clean (but don’t use regular toothpaste).

Dentures feature replacement teeth. Since these are not natural ones, you are not going to get cavities in them. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep your removable dentures clean.

You use your dentures to chew, so food particles will get stuck to your dentures. This can help stain your replacement teeth. It can also give you bad breath and feed the bacteria behind gum disease. That’s why you need to clean your dentures every day.

However, don’t use regular toothpaste. Some brands can damage the replacement teeth in your dentures. Instead, use denture toothpaste or a special denture cleaner. Just be careful, as some of these are not meant to be used while wearing your dentures.

4. Avoid using hot water with your dentures.

When you do the dishes or laundry, you usually use very hot water. That’s because heat kills bacteria. You can sterilize things by using boiling hot water, so why not use that to help clean your dentures?

Because you can hurt your dentures that way, that’s why not. They can handle occasional hot beverages like coffee, but too much can change the shape of the gum-colored base. As with drying out your dentures, this can mean your removable dentures won’t fit right. Stick with warm or cold water when cleaning or soaking your dentures.

5. Be careful when handling your dentures.

Dentures are designed for a particular purpose — to replace your teeth. That means they can handle a lot of pressure that comes with chewing your food. Unless you are opening bottles with your teeth, your removable dentures should handle chewing just fine.

That does not mean your dentures are impervious. If you drop them on a hard floor, your dentures can get hurt. The same goes for handling them too roughly during cleaning or taking them in or out of your mouth. Be gentle with your removable dentures so they help you for years to come.

6. Visit our Rochester, MN dental office every six months.

Just because you don’t have all of your natural teeth doesn’t mean you don’t need dental visits anymore. You can still have problems with gum disease, which could make wearing dentures a big problem. By coming into our dental office for regular dental exams, we can also help make sure your removable dentures still fit well.

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