5 Reasons Why Dental Crowns Are Perfect For You

Your teeth are supposed to last for your whole life. Sure, people are living longer than ever these days. That means you can have dental problems in your later years. But still, they should be good.

How often do things go as they should? Your teeth can collect damage and problems over the years. One effective treatment is a dental crown.

What Is A Dental Crown?

A dental crown is similar to a replacement tooth. They are crafted to look like a healthy tooth. They’re also made to order so they’ll look natural for your smile. Our dentists will place crowns over your teeth or even in a space left by a missing tooth.

How Dental Crowns Work For You

But why would you get one? How can they help? Here are the top five reasons why dental crowns can be perfect for you.

1. Crowns can keep a tooth healthy after a root canal.

The bacteria behind tooth decay and gum disease can get past the enamel. When this happens, they make a nice home for themselves in your dental pulp. This is where all of the nerve endings can be found, making this infection very painful. The only way to safely remove this infection and save your teeth is through a root canal. The dentists at our Rochester, MN dental office will carefully make a small hole in the enamel so they can remove the infected pulp.

When finished, your tooth is safe. But that hole needs to be sealed up so another infection doesn’t slip in. Most root canals end by placing a dental crown over your tooth. This keeps that tooth protected against reinfection and makes it look great.

2. Crowns can hide cosmetic problems such as chips or intrinsic stains.

Cosmetic dentistry is about making your teeth look great. That becomes more useful as you get older. We all want a beautiful smile. It makes us feel confident and good about ourselves. Yet time is not kind to us. Our teeth can collect chips and cracks over the years. All of that coffee can stain our teeth. And we can even get intrinsic stains, ones that are so deep inside your enamel that even teeth whitening systems cannot lift them.

Because dental crowns cover the visible part of your teeth, they will hide all of those imperfections. Stains and chips are suddenly hidden by the healthy-looking crown.

3. Dental bridges and implants use crowns to replace missing teeth.

You might think that missing a tooth is not that big of a deal, but it can have a serious impact on you. It can make it harder to eat, your smile looks bad, and your chances of getting cavities and gum disease get worse. (That’s because food tends to collect in that empty space.) You really should replace any that are missing.

Two great options for replacing a missing tooth or two are dental bridges and dental implants. Both use dental crowns as a replacement tooth.

4. Crowns protect weak or damaged teeth.

Sure, time can add some damage to your teeth like chips and stains. Accident and injuries can cause serious damage. You could have a crack that is slowly getting bigger. You could also have a chip so big that the tooth is in danger of fracturing open. Both increase your risk of getting an infection there, requiring a root canal to fix. Dental crowns fit snugly over the visible part of your teeth. Not only does this seal up any damage, it holds your teeth firmly together. Cracks will not grow, and no teeth with fracture.

5. Crowns repair tooth decay too big for traditional methods.

Similarly, tooth decay is damage. When harmful bacteria get out of control, they cause cavities in your enamel. When the cavity is small, you can get a filling to repair the damage. But fillings need healthy enamel to hold onto. They also push against the rest of the enamel. Both are fine when you need a small cavity filled, but not so much with big cavities. Placing a filling in a large one can crack your tooth open.

Since dental crowns hold a tooth firmly together but also seal up damage, they can be used if you have a large cavity. The decay will be stopped, the bacteria removed, and the tooth saved.

Simply put, dental crowns do so much, it’s incredible. They restore teeth by fixing damage, but they also make teeth look great again. They even replace missing teeth. Call us today at 507-216-6252 to make an appointment to see how dental crowns can be perfect for you.